Out side help!

copy from face bookWow…a bit of a light bulb moment!!! I have been struggling with how to continue my business, I felt like I had hit a brick wall!
Just read a post from the ever brilliant Jess http://www.createandthrive.com/accepting-outside-help and my brain is whirling!!
The saying “No man is an island”comes to mind. I need to find me some help!! perhaps a revamp of my etsy shop, ivyrosedesignstudio.etsy.com,  blog posting on a more regular basis, even getting out of my comfort zone and commenting on other peoples blogs :-O.
How do you grow your business ??
Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Sue xx


Turning old into new!!

Giving new life to beautiful trim. I discovered this old, stained beaded front bodice tucked inside a vintage gold crochet evening bag that belonged to my mum. She had obviously tucked this away for safe keeping with the view to one day repurposing the exquisite beadwork into something else.
Well today I am using some of these beautiful pieces in a 1920s style headband.


We want to tell you what we’ve been up to!

That’s as in the royal we……just little ol’ me!!!…..Spending the past few days fighting the dreaded lurgy….the head spins (not literally!), the gargling razor blades (again not literally!) The “can’t afford to get sick” desperation.  Too much to do and not accomplishing any of it. AAAHHH!!!!!

Fraser Coast Bridal Expo is on this Sunday the 2nd of June, and as a newbie business this is probably the biggest event I have participated in thus far. So I hope if you are in the area you will come down and support this event at the PCYC, Hervey Bay, from 10am.

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